Through The Lens

Crafting a Private Family Office

Our most recent commission for a private family office, located within the ground-breaking Mayfair Office development by Clivedale, redefines the highest levels of bespoke artistry.

Contemporary office coffee table and lounge chairs.

Our most recent commission for a private family office redefines the highest levels of bespoke artistry to achieve not only immense aesthetic appeal but also how the spaces feel to interact with. Located within a ground-breaking Mayfair Office development by Clivedale, we were able to interpret the client’s vision of a “contemporary, crisp, warm aesthetic, with all the equipment of a modern office seamlessly hidden from sight” into an operational solution.

Bringing together the expertise of our design, construction and FFu0026amp;E teams, we crafted an original centrepiece for the 1,500 sq ft private office: a striking bespoke solid limestone co-working station. A full-size prototype was created before installation onsite so that every finish and construction detail could be rigorously tested and perfected.

Contemporary bespoke office decoration.

Interior design is more important than ever for commercial spaces. With the nature of office working shifting in profound ways, clients are demanding a design approach that delivers a greater sense of collaboration, wellbeing, flexibility and inherent value.

Bespoke solid limestone co-working station with white office chairs.
Bespoke solid limestone tabletop.
Bespoke office lounge chairs.

u003ch1u003eSEAMLESS DETAILSu003c/h1u003ernWorking with specialist Italian glaziers, bespoke glass partitions for the two individual Director’s offices were cut by hand with minimal profiling to create the effect of ‘frameless’ doors.rnrnOther bespoke features include bronze lighting designed to mirror and enhance the sculptural curves of the central co-working station and bookmatched limestone sourced from Italy, selected to adorn the lobby walls and both Director’s ensuite bathrooms; as well as all oak joinery throughout.rnrnOur in-house multidisciplinary capabilities covered spatial planning, design and manufacture of bespoke furniture, handcrafted finishes, construction and installation as well as all integrated technology, music, lighting and air-conditioning systems.

OWN London founder Alex Labridis.
Removing all boundaries that would otherwise limit our creativity, our bespoke and collaborative design and construction approach for this project delivered the finest details.
Alex Labridis, Managing Director